Changsha Tianshi Meixi Lake Office Building

(Summary description)

Changsha Tianshi Meixi Lake Office Building

(Summary description)


Changsha Tianshi Meixi Lake Office Building

Location Star

Two-star green building (★★)


Project Profile

Changsha Tianshi Meixi Lake project is located in Changsha Xiangjiang New District, Meixihu Road and B2 Road intersection of the southeast corner, west B2 Road, north of Meixi Lake Road, B1 Road, east, south of Lake Road , And Meixi Lake Lake across the lake across the road. Near the north side of the site, the proposed subway station Line 2 Luyun Road Station exit, convenient traffic, crowded, functional radiation, in the size and value of urban location has a greater advantage, the project has a strong symbol of the city.
The total land area of ​​the project is 17138.09m2. It is a commercial, office and residential land with a gross floor area of ​​135263.60 m2. It consists of two 49-story high-rise residential buildings, a 13-storey high-rise office building and a basement. The basement for the equipment room and garage, construction area of ​​26812.53m2; office building for a layer of commercial, 2-6 layer office podium, 7-13 layer for the office tower, construction area of ​​47525.57m2; 3-49 layer for the high-rise residential tower, construction area of ​​60444.27m2.
How to create a good indoor and outdoor environment in a compact site, while achieving energy efficiency in the construction of the latter part of the project is the project to consider and need to address the key issues.


Main Green Low Carbon Technology Application

▲ Atrium natural ventilation
▲ roof greening
▲ rainwater collection and utilization
▲ permeable ground
▲ solar photovoltaic power generation system
▲ Light guide tube use
▲ basement CO concentration monitoring system
▲ high-strength steel reasonable use
▲ efficient lighting and energy control
▲ open and semi-open space
▲ four categories of garbage collection


Service Content


▲ green building consulting and star certification
▲ Building performance simulation optimization analysis
▲ Renewable energy special consultation and demonstration project declaration service


No. 65 People 's Middle Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province


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