Yihai Star City, three East block

(Summary description)

Yihai Star City, three East block

(Summary description)


Yihai Star City, three East block

Location Star

Green Building One Star (★)


Project Profile

Yihai Star City Project is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Gaoyun Road and Yuetang Road, Muyun Town, Changsha. It belongs to the provincial capital plate with great potential for development, the core area of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City, close to Subway Line 1, As well as the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city light rail, the transportation is convenient. The total land area of the project is 2287913㎡. The content of the project is an ideal home that integrates living, leisure, study and business, including commercial and residential buildings, commercial clubs, primary and secondary kindergartens and other comprehensive facilities. Yihai Star City Phase III East block is located in the southeast corner of the project site location. From 19 to 20 layers of 22 to 22 high-rise residential and supporting the end of business, property management room and a three-tier kindergarten composition, the total planned net area of 86,887.00 square meters, a total construction area of 315,948.55 square meters, of which the ground area of 263,100.73 square meters, 52847.82 square meters (including air defense area of 46,614 square meters).


Main Green Low Carbon Technology Application

▲ reservoir retention and rainwater storage utilization
▲ hot water heating system
▲ permeable ground
▲ native plants and green complex
▲ overhead ventilation insulation roof
▲ exterior insulation board use
▲ high-performance building materials use
▲ video surveillance, garage management, building intercom system to create a smart home
▲ water, electricity, sub-household measurement
▲ barrier-free design


Service Content

▲ green building consulting and star certification
▲ Building performance simulation optimization analysis


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