Xiangtan Hengda Feicui Garden

(Summary description)

Xiangtan Hengda Feicui Garden

(Summary description)


Xiangtan Hengda Feicui Garden

Location Star

Green Building One Star (★)


Project Profile

Project is located in Xiangtan City Yue Tong District Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, east of Yuet Wah Road, north Xiaotang Road, south of planning for the road and convenient transportation. The total construction land of the project is 143,198.6㎡ (214.8mu) with a total construction area of 871103m2 and a total floor area of 715994m2, which is developed in two phases. The project is the first open area, land area of 37878.23 square meters, total construction area of 121158.29 square meters, of which residential building area of 100593.00 square meters, public building area of 10686.00 square meters, excluding the building area (ie underground garage area) 9879.29 square meters, floor area ratio of 2.94, building density of 20.4 %, Green rate of 42.1%, a total of seven 33-storey high-rise residential and a two-story single-family and supporting commercial components.


Main Green Low Carbon Technology Application

▲ fine decoration design, construction
▲ underground lighting ventilation wells
▲ high-performance envelope design
▲ native plants and green complex
▲ water-saving micro-spray irrigation system
▲ rainwater collection and reuse
▲ high-performance building materials use
▲ water, electricity, sub-household measurement
▲ barrier-free design
▲ garbage collection


Service Content


▲ green building consulting and star certification
▲ Building performance simulation optimization analysis


No. 65 People 's Middle Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province


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