Hunan • Provincial Building • Jiangya Court office building

(Summary description)

Hunan • Provincial Building • Jiangya Court office building

(Summary description)


Hunan • Provincial Building • Jiangya Court office building

Location Star

3 stars green building (★★★)


Project Profile

Hunan • Provincial Academy • Jiangya Garden Department of Hunan Architectural Design Institute and Hunan Huayu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to develop, mainly for the Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Institute of all employees of the office, design and development and living life. The project site is located in Yanghu Ecological New Town of Changsha City, east to Yahe Scenic Belt, south to Yanghu Wetland Park, west to Zhaoxin Road and north to Yuetang Road. The whole project contains one 6-storey office building, two 31-storey high-rise Residential and ancillary commercial property management room composition, planning a total land area of 19437.94 square meters, with a total construction area of 75696.92 square meters, a total capacity of 58136.17 square meters of floor space, excluding the total gross floor area of 17560.75 square meters, the total number of 273 households, floor area ratio of 2.99, Density 31.70%, green rate of 33.3%; office building in accordance with the green building three stars, residential green building in accordance with the requirements of a star-level design and construction requirements.


Main Green Low Carbon Technology Application

▲ site ecology and terrain use
▲ basement lighting and ventilation
▲ Three-dimensional green
▲ building atrium
▲ green rain water facilities and water use
▲ ground source heat pump VRV air conditioning system
▲ exhaust heat recovery technology
▲ green building monitoring and display system


Other green low-carbon technology Application

▲ CFD and other simulation software-aided design
▲ efficient envelope energy saving and optimization
▲ high-strength steel reasonable use
▲ integration of civil construction
▲ large space open office and flexible wall panels cut off
▲ barrier-free design
▲ non-motorized parking spaces, staff shower design
▲ indoor sound environment to create and special design
▲ independent fresh air system
▲ efficient lighting and energy-saving control system
▲ Energy consumption measurement and monitoring display system
▲ CO2 and CO concentration monitoring system
▲ Parking management system
▲ four categories of garbage collection
▲ green construction


Service Content


▲ green building consulting and star certification
▲ Building performance simulation optimization analysis
▲ Changsha City, a comprehensive demonstration of energy-saving emission reduction reporting
▲ Renewable energy special consultation and demonstration project declaration service
▲ Green construction and green operation guidance
▲ Hunan Province, the first green building display base declaration and planning

Hunan • Provincial Building • Jiangya Court office building

No. 65 People 's Middle Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province


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