Chenzhou City Investment Building

(Summary description)

Chenzhou City Investment Building

(Summary description)


Chenzhou City Investment Building

Location Star

1 star green building (★)


Project Profile

The project is located in Suxian District, Chenzhou City, east of Chenzhou City Sports Center, north of Youth Avenue (Xiangshan Road), south of Chen County Road (phase waterway), the transportation is very convenient, is the administrative office, External services and supporting logistics services in one of the more functional building groups, directly reflects the idea of serving the people, but also on the surrounding city environment and landscape have a profound impact.
The project consists of a 13-storey administrative office and conference center and a 5-storey government service center complex. The structure is a frame-shear wall structure and the basement is a two-story garage. The total land area of the project is 66850㎡, the total building area is 122357.57㎡ (including conference center construction area 18000㎡, administrative office building area 64945.59㎡, government service center construction area 9855.36㎡, logistic supporting construction area 5546.42㎡, excluding building area 42010.20㎡.


Main Green Low Carbon Technology Application

▲ roof greening
▲ rainwater collection and reuse system
▲ green rain facilities
▲ basement lighting ventilation
▲ CFD building environment simulation and aided design
▲ overhead ventilation insulation roof
▲ high-strength steel reasonable use
▲ integration of civil construction
▲ construction equipment management system and intelligent building
▲ building energy consumption monitoring system
▲ large open space and flexible cut off
▲ four categories of garbage collection ㎡.


Service Content


▲ green building consulting and star certification
▲ Building performance simulation optimization analysis


No. 65 People 's Middle Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province


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