About Us

Company Profile

Established in July, 1952, Hunan Architectural Design Institute(HD), also known as Hunan Urban Planning and Design Institute is a large and comprehensive design company with well-established management system, profound technical resources and advanced equipments. Leading in technological innovation in construction industry, HD is a provincial high-tech enterprise. It was among the first batch of enterprises that were authorized to engage in foreign business by the Ministry of Commerce and one of Hunan key consular protection companies. HD was awarded provincial and municipal “Enterprise of Credit and Promise” for successive years and national“Enterprise of Credit”, “ Enterprise of Credit in Architectural Design Industry” and provincial “Honest Management Demonstration Unit ”. Over the 60 years, HD has completed more than 120000 design and EPC projects, its business reaches as far as 24 provinces, autonomous regions, Macao SAR in China and 42 countries all over the world.

Professional team
HD has over 1450 employees, among those there are 1 national engineering survey and design master, 4 Hunan engineering survey and design masters, more than 270 staffs with senior professional title or professor title, 500 staffs with medium-level professional title and over 170 Class A registered architects, Class A registered structural engineers, registered planners and registered equipment/electrical engineers. Moreover, HD has over 70 registered professionals in supervision, cost, geotechnical, consulting and other fields. The professional technical personnel  accounts for over 90% of all the employees hired. 

Services A-Z
HD is between the top few comprehensive and modernized design institutes nationwide that can do city planning, architecture and municipal design all together. HD always devotes itself to provide high-quality design service to the society and deliver people-oriented yet energy-saving design ideas to the public. HD has expanded its business from traditional architecture, planning and municipal design to other domains such as providing consultation, planning, exploration, design, cost, supervision, project management (agent-construction) and EPC service for urban and rural projects. HD owns a total of 20 Class A qualifications including architecture, planning, municipal engineering(water supply, drainage, road, environmental sanitation), landscape gardening,  geotechnical engineering investigation, geotechnical engineering design, engineering consulting, engineering cost and engineering supervision. Accompanied by 9 Class B qualifications including civil air defense, municipal bridge, contaminated environment remediation, environmental impact assessment, engineering surveying, geotechnical engineering(monitoring, detecting, examination) and engineering supervision(hydraulic engineering, hydropower construction, mining, electrical power engineering).The company is authorized to practice EPC and project management services in the fields listed in its qualification certificate, including: Category I Construction Blueprint Reviewing, Construction(foundation, main structure, steel structure) Examination and Level 3 Municipal EPC.

Experience and Achievement

HD is committed to design elaborate works and keep its technology ahead of its competitors. It has been awarded over 400 national, ministerial or provincial prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and prizes for excellent design and consulting service. The company owns 32 independent intellectual properties, 92 independent research results and it was in charge or participated in making of 60 national, industrial or Hunan provincial technical standards.

HD will always uphold the idea of “build the times, design the future” and do its best to provide the society with high-quality design service and meet customers’ needs.